Jungle-raaj in Bihar

Hundreds of murders have been reported in Bihar after Lalu and his party came back in power in Bihar, so we can say Bihar is back to its golden era, oh sorry jungle-raaj. Nitish Kumar is not able to do anything to curb the rate of crimes in Bihar as his party is in minority while Lalu’s party is in majority. The bad equation of Mahagathbandhan will take Bihar ,which was already 50 years behind India, at least 10 years back . Check out this cartoon of BBC hindi. God save Bihar and Bihari. Continue reading “Jungle-raaj in Bihar”

Journey of Arvind Kejriwal : From anti-corruption crusader to corrupt-hugger

The self-proclaimed anti-corruption crusader and the most honest politician of India showed his real face and intention today by hugging one of the most corrupt persons on the planet who ruined Bihar forever. During election he openly supported Lalu Prasad Yadav just to stop PM Narendra Modi because PM has cancelled the license of more than 10K anti-national NGOs that were funding Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and other parties+persons to hinder the development work in India. This picture will come to hound his future only if Indians care about India.

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LaluRaaj is Back in Bihar

The new Bihar govt took oath on 20th Nov after massive victory in the assembly election. Though Nitish Kumar became the CM of Bihar, Lalu’s 9th fail son Tej Pratap Yadav became Dy. CM and got several other departments. Can it be termed as the return of LaluRaaj that made Bihar the worst state in India? Is Bihar headed to hell after Lalu’s comeback only time will say, but this picture depicts the current scenario in Bihar.

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Jungleraaj Part 2 in Bihar

The period, when Lalu was CM of Bihar, is known as Jungleraaj in Bihar. Now just for the sake of his ego, Nitish Kumar joined hands with the actors of Jungleraaj to devastate the dreams of hoi polloi of Bihar. The movie is already ready to hit the theaters, now the junta have to make it hit or flop. If it becomes hit, Bihar will remain the most backward state for 5 more years and Biharis will have to face several crimes like kidnapping, robbery. Continue reading “Jungleraaj Part 2 in Bihar”