Ram Setu from Ramayana is Man-made – Science Channel

In what appears to be a ground-breaking discovery, a video promotion of an upcoming show on Discovery Communications-owned Science Channel claims that Ram Setu bridge was not a natural formation but is man-made. Citing images from a Nasa satellite, the show claims that investigators have found a line of rocks 30 miles long between Sri Lanka and India. The 7,000-year-old rocks are sitting on sand that is 4,000-years-old. The stones in the image are sitting on a ‘sandbar’, which occurs in areas with shallow water. Continue reading “Ram Setu from Ramayana is Man-made – Science Channel”

World Food India: India Enters Guinness World Records With Over 918kg Khichdi

India set the world record by cooking about 918kg khichdi, a traditional dish at the World Food India event here, a Guinness World Record official said on Saturday. A team led by renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor cooked khichdi in an attempt to enter the Guinness World Records and promote the dish as Brand India superfood. Yoga guru Ramdev Baba put ‘tadka’ in the dish which was steam-cooked in a giant wok weighing around 1,200 kg. Continue reading “World Food India: India Enters Guinness World Records With Over 918kg Khichdi”

Cabinet Reshuffle 2017: Full List of PM Narendra Modi’s Council of Ministers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on reshuffled his Cabinet in which four Ministers of State elevated to Cabinet rank and nine new faces inducted as Ministers of State. This was the third cabinet reshuffle since the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) came to power in 2014.  Continue reading “Cabinet Reshuffle 2017: Full List of PM Narendra Modi’s Council of Ministers”

Telangana : National Anthem is Played Every Morning in Jammikunta

In India, playing national anthem in public places is considered a violation of religious freedom by some of the Islamic fanatics. But you will surprised to know that there is a place in India where people start their day with national anthem. There is a small town in Telangana, called Jammikunta, where national anthem is played at 7:54 am everyday on 16 loudspeakers. Continue reading “Telangana : National Anthem is Played Every Morning in Jammikunta”

Flowchart for Media Trial in India

By constitution, India is a secular democratic country, but politicians are always biased for their vote-bank, Muslims. Our former PM ,Manmohan Singh, once had told that Muslims must have first claim on resources. Similarly, many in India media, which are funded by petro-dollar, never miss any chance to malign Hindus.  Looking at the political situation and trail by media, sometimes it seems that we are living in a Sharia-compliant country, where Hindus are treated like second-class citizens. Check out this flowchart posted by one of our twitter friends to understand how ‘media trial’ works in India. Continue reading “Flowchart for Media Trial in India”

Mera Desh Hi Dharam – Independence Day Special by Salim Sulaiman

On the occasion of India’s 70th Independence Day, musicians Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant paid a humble tribute to Indian Armed Forces, who sacrifice their lives for our nation, with this beautiful song. The title of the song says, “Mera Desh Hi Dharam”. This beautiful song has been penned by Sandeep Shrivastava and sung by Salim Merchant. Continue reading “Mera Desh Hi Dharam – Independence Day Special by Salim Sulaiman”

Paresh Rawal’s Epic Response to Anti-national in India

A few days ago, Bollywood actor and BJP MP Paresh Rawal tweeted, “Instead of tying (a) stone-pelter on the Army jeep, tie Arundhati Roy” and then all anti-national media and NGOs started castigating him. It seems that most of them also reported his tweet to twitter and as a result of that, twitter forced him to delete that particular tweet. Continue reading “Paresh Rawal’s Epic Response to Anti-national in India”

Narendra Modi : Before and After 2014

Current Indian prime minister Narendra Modi used many rhetorics in 2014-election campaign to woo the voters and one of them was giving befitting response to Pakistan if they push terrorism in Kashmir. Recently, Kashmir witnessed many terrorist-attacks sponsored by Pakistan. The incident of terrorism has increased across the globe due to rise of ISIS and other terrorist groups. Almost all terrorist groups in the world have some links to Pakistan and as a result of that Kashmir is also bleeding. Indian government is not responding as per expectation and hence one of our twitter friends posted this funny pictures about PM Narendra Modi. Continue reading “Narendra Modi : Before and After 2014”

Triple Talaq in India – Yogi Vs AIMPLB

Triple Talaq is a brutal Islamic practice of divorce in India. It has been a subject of controversy and debates. On 8 December 2016, the Allahabad High court in a ruling, has observed that the practice of ‘Triple Talaq’ is unconstitutional and violates the rights of Muslim women. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) defends the practice. In April 2017, citing a report prepared by Muslim Mahila Research Kendra in coordination with Shariah Committee for Women. (source – wikipedia). UP govt. and central govt. are trying their best to remove this unconstitutional practice from India so that Muslim women can lead a good life after divorce. Check out this picture that clearly depicts the current scenario. Continue reading “Triple Talaq in India – Yogi Vs AIMPLB”