UPA and NDA – Political Situation in India

Corruption is a prevalent culture in all political parties of India. Whenever a party comes to power, its first motto becomes to loot taxpayers’ money. We all know how the most corrupt political party of India, Congress, has looted India for more than 60 years? One can find at least one scam of Congress starting with A-Z. Continue reading “UPA and NDA – Political Situation in India”

This Should Happen to Opportunistic Leaders of India

It’s a well-known fact that most of the Indian politicians are opportunistic and they always look for the votes even in tragic events esp. with dalits and muslims in BJP-ruled states. To malign the central govt, they will shed crocodile tears and will visit the families of the victims. In reality, they don’t give a damn to those victims because if the same thing happens in non-BJP states, they don’t even bother to tweet about the incidence.  Continue reading “This Should Happen to Opportunistic Leaders of India”

Secular Tear for Batla House Encounter

Indians politicians esp. from so called secular parties like AAP, INC, JDU have reached the nadir of votebank and appeasement politics. They call terrorists their sons and daughters to get muslim votes. For vote bank politics, terrorists and terrorism are being appeased in the name of secularism. Such appeasement politics is really hurting the security of the nation. The terrorists who escaped the Batla house encounter due to such opportunistic demagogues have joined ISIS and now have become a threat to nation. Hope the junta will identify the true face of such politicians and will throw them out of power in the coming years to save India from terrorists. Continue reading “Secular Tear for Batla House Encounter”

Mother India – Then and Now

Mother India is an old Indian epic drama film, directed by Mehboob Khan and starring Nargis, Sunil Dutt, Rajendra Kumar, and Raaj Kumar. There was a famous poster of this movie wherein Nargis was holding his both sons – Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar. One of our twitter friends photoshopped this funny picture. Continue reading “Mother India – Then and Now”