When Shabana Azmi Gets Trolled For Upma

Yesterday, actress Shabana Azmi shared a photo of cooked poha and wrote: “Upma cooked by Ketki for breakfast in Florence!Thats what u expect was the demand of the gujju ladies im with.No sirree it was mine Love it.” And that’s where the hell broke on Twitter. Accidentally, she confused Poha with Upma and Twitterati gave her a real taste in a hilarious way! Check out some of the crazy reactions we got our hands own: Continue reading “When Shabana Azmi Gets Trolled For Upma”

Neerja Has an Outstanding First Weekend

Sonam Kapoor starrer Neerja performed exceptionally well at the box office in both domestic and overseas markets. Though the movie didn’t have an excellent opening on Friday, the positive reviews and words of mouth publicity brought the moviegoers to the theaters and as a result of that the movie enjoyed approx 50% daily growth and posted an excellent total in the very first weekend. Continue reading “Neerja Has an Outstanding First Weekend”