Amazing Dabhosa Waterfalls in Maharashtra

Dabhosa Waterfalls is situated in the village of Dabhosa in Jawhar Tehsil, Palghar district, Maharashtra, India. This is one of the highest waterfalls situated near Mumbai. This waterfalls is located over the Lendi River and cascades down from a height of 300 feet. Dabhosa Waterfalls is a beautiful waterfall especially, during the monsoon season.Amazing Dabhosa Waterfalls in Maharashtra

It is an adventurous spot for kayaking, trekking, valley crossing, and fishing. Dabhosa Waterfalls Resort and Jawhar Hill Station Resort are two accommodation options near this waterfalls. (source: wikipedia)Amazing Dabhosa Waterfalls in MaharashtraOn Jul 10, 2018, IncredibleIndia posted a startling picture of this waterfalls and wrote “Enjoy the picturesque view, or go kayaking or fishing in the Dabhosa waterfalls. Kindle your adventurous spirit! #Maharashtra #TravelTuesday #IncredibleIndia #India
Amazing Dabhosa Waterfalls in Maharashtra

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