Twitterati Reacts to Ishant Sharma’s Inclusion in Playing XI for Second Test Match

Indian caption Virat Kohli dropped the best Indian bowler, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, from the playing XI for the second test match and included Ishant Sharma in the team. Bhuvi was the best Indian player (including both batsman and bowler) in the first test match. He had a particularly good match — four wickets and a vital 25 with the bat in the first innings, two wickets and 13 not out in the second innings. He took the most wickets among Indians (6 wickets); second-most after Philander (9). As a batsman, he faced most balls among Indians (127 balls); second-most after AB de Villiers in the match (134). Without him, India would have lost the match by an inning.  Continue reading “Twitterati Reacts to Ishant Sharma’s Inclusion in Playing XI for Second Test Match”

Consequences of Drinking Too Much Alcohol on December 31

Ashutosh, aka Ashutosh Gupta, is a former IBN7 TV journalist. He is the spokesperson for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He contested the 2014 Lok Sabha election from Chandni Chowk against Kapil Sibal of the Congress and Harsh Vardhan of the BJP. He garnered more votes than Kapil Sibal but lost to Dr. Harsh Vardhan. (Source: Wikipedia) Continue reading “Consequences of Drinking Too Much Alcohol on December 31”

Mohammad Kaif Gets Trolled for Christmas Photo

Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif got trolled again on Twitter for posting a Christmas photo with his family. Kaif is not a newcomer in getting trolled, as earlier he was treated in the same manner after he was trolled for playing chess, doing a Surya Namaskar and for supporting the triple talaq verdict. Many of his followers got upset by the photograph and its caption and began trolling him for allegedly defying Islam. (Source: Zee News) Continue reading “Mohammad Kaif Gets Trolled for Christmas Photo”

Twitterati Reacts to Alpesh Thakor’s Imported Mashroom Black to White Jibe on PM Modi

Days after Congressi leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s “neech” remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi created a furor, Rahul Gandhi’s Gujarat ally Alpesh Thakor took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the basis of his skin color. “Modiji eats mushrooms from Taiwan. One mushroom costs Rs 80 thousand and he eats five mushrooms a day. He was dark like me but he became fair because of imported mushrooms,” Thakor can be heard saying.  Continue reading “Twitterati Reacts to Alpesh Thakor’s Imported Mashroom Black to White Jibe on PM Modi”

When Mamata Banerjee Used Torch as Mic

A video showing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee trying to use a torch as a microphone has gone viral and has been doing the round on social media. In the video, Mamata is seen walking to one of her aides and takes a torch from him, that he was holding. Thinking the torch to be a mic, Mamata turns it upside down and starts speaking on it when she gets cautioned by another person who was standing nearby. Realising the blunder, Mamata hands it back to the person. (source: zeenews) Continue reading “When Mamata Banerjee Used Torch as Mic”

When Arvind Kejriwal Became Poster Boy of Porn Twitter Account

Our very own Sirji aka Arvind Kejriwal always features in news for many reasons. Two days ago, he came into limelight by throwing the idea of bringing odd-even formula back to control the pollution in Delhi. Thanks to NGT, who came to rescue poor junta of Delhi. Today, the Twitter account of popular porn website RedTube posted a picture Kejriwal along with other porn stars. This hilarious tweet soon led to more jokes on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. Check out some of those tweets 🙂 Continue reading “When Arvind Kejriwal Became Poster Boy of Porn Twitter Account”

When Shabana Azmi Gets Trolled For Upma

Yesterday, actress Shabana Azmi shared a photo of cooked poha and wrote: “Upma cooked by Ketki for breakfast in Florence!Thats what u expect was the demand of the gujju ladies im with.No sirree it was mine Love it.” And that’s where the hell broke on Twitter. Accidentally, she confused Poha with Upma and Twitterati gave her a real taste in a hilarious way! Check out some of the crazy reactions we got our hands own: Continue reading “When Shabana Azmi Gets Trolled For Upma”

UIDAI’s (Aadhaar) Epic Reply to a Troll

The social media team of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) trolled a troll on Twitter by its epic response. The Aadhaar Twitter handle wished its followers on Dussehra saying, “A time when the world sees the power of good governance. Let us continue this true spirit with Aadhaar.” They had tweeted an illustration of arrows piercing through the ten-headed Ravana. Continue reading “UIDAI’s (Aadhaar) Epic Reply to a Troll”

When a Mullah Quoted NDTV as His Source of Information at Arnab’s Debate

One can easily count on the fingers the number of viewers of India based Pakistani news channel, NDTV. In a country of 1.3b people, the weekly viewership of this propagandist channel is in thousands because no sane Indian believes in what is broadcasted by this channel. In a recent debate on Rohingya refugee, a pro-rohingya mullah provided some facts and mentioned NDTV as his source of information. Then what happened in the debate you can watch here 🙂 Continue reading “When a Mullah Quoted NDTV as His Source of Information at Arnab’s Debate”

When Rahul Gandhi Termed Congress an NRI Party

As long as Rahul Gandhi is in politics, Indian comedians will really have hard time in managing livelihood. Recently we noticed that almost all comedy films bombed at the box office and producers had to cancel Kapil Sharma’s comedy night. It is now apparent that time will come soon when all Indian comedians will protest near 10 Janpath. We have watched several funny videos of Rahul Gandhi, but this new one shows the level of his IQ. God save India if he becomes PM one day 🙁 Continue reading “When Rahul Gandhi Termed Congress an NRI Party”