Muslim Cleric (Maulana) Slaps a Woman on Live TV Show

Muslim cleric Ejaz Arshad Qasmi on Tuesday (Jul 17, 2018) slapped Supreme Court lawyer Farah Faiz during a news debate on triple talaq aired live on Zee Hindustan. The incident took place at the channel’s office in Noida.Muslim Cleric (Maulana) Slaps a Woman on Live TV Show

The police have detained Qasmi based on a complaint filed by Faiz, Zee Hindustan reported. The news channel took to Twitter to condemn the incident. It also accused Qasmi of misbehaving with writer and activist Amber Zaidi.

Instant Triple Talaq (divorce) has been banned by Indian SC a few months ago, but Muslim males are still practicing it without any fear of the law. In most of the triple talaq cases, Muslim women do not go to the Indian court; they go to the clerics. This is the main reason for the fearlessness of Muslim males. As per Muslim clerics, triple talaq is mentioned in their Quran and hence Muslims will follow it. India is a democratic country and she has her own constitution, but because of appeasement politics of political parties, Indian society is witnessing such barbarism.

A small percentage of Muslim women are fighting against such heinous crime that is preventing Muslim women from progressing in the current age. Clerics like Ejaz Arshad Qasmi want to keep Muslim women in the cage because Sharia does not allow freedom to women. Such clerics also want Sharia courts in India. If they can slap a woman on a live TV show in a democratic country, one can imagine the situation of women if they get permission for Sharia courts in India.

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