Mohammad Kaif Gets Trolled for Christmas Photo

Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif got trolled again on Twitter for posting a Christmas photo with his family. Kaif is not a newcomer in getting trolled, as earlier he was treated in the same manner after he was trolled for playing chess, doing a Surya Namaskar and for supporting the triple talaq verdict. Many of his followers got upset by the photograph and its caption and began trolling him for allegedly defying Islam. (Source: Zee News) Continue reading “Mohammad Kaif Gets Trolled for Christmas Photo”

UIDAI’s (Aadhaar) Epic Reply to a Troll

The social media team of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) trolled a troll on Twitter by its epic response. The Aadhaar Twitter handle wished its followers on Dussehra saying, “A time when the world sees the power of good governance. Let us continue this true spirit with Aadhaar.” They had tweeted an illustration of arrows piercing through the ten-headed Ravana. Continue reading “UIDAI’s (Aadhaar) Epic Reply to a Troll”

Parody of Arvind Kejriwal Trolled some Corporate Accounts

After Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that PM Narendra Modi could get him killed, one of his parody twitter accounts came into swift action to save his own life. He tweeted about the various ways Modiji could attempt to kill him, he put a black mark on his face to look different and he didn’t stop there. He went ahead and asked for the help from some of the top corporate offices. See what did he say to those corporate offices ? 🙂 Continue reading “Parody of Arvind Kejriwal Trolled some Corporate Accounts”