Wazir Has a Poor First Weekend | First Weekend Collection

Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar’s Wazir didn’t live up to the expectations of the box office in both domestic and overseas markets. Though the film witnessed a good jump in the collection on Saturday, it missed the same kind of momentum on Sunday and as a result of that the movie couldn’t post a decent total in the very first weekend.

Wazir Has a Poor First Weekend

As per the box office reports, the movie garnered 5.61 cr on Friday, 7.16 cr on Saturday, and 8.24 cr on Sunday to take its total domestic box office collection to 21.01 crores. If the business on Sunday has anything to say, the film is going to struggle during weekdays. The most of the earnings of the movie came from the premium multiplexes; the single screens’ contribution is almost negligible. If the film fares badly during weekdays, it’s going to be the first flop of 2016.

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