Will Europe Become Islamic Continent in a Few Years?

If you google this question, you will find many opinions. Will Europe become Islamic in the next 20-30 years? It depends on how European policies change over time. But if European countries do not overhaul the current immigration and child per family policy, many countries like France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, and the UK will become Muslim majority countries by 2050.Will Europe Become Islamic Continent in a Few Years?

Except for a few countries, like Hungary, no other European country has changed the immigration policy and they have kept their borders open for Muslim immigrants from ME and Africa. The crime in many European countries has increased because of the immigrant population, but European media and politicians shy away from these facts. Most the times, crimes by Muslim immigrants do not get reported in the mainstream media.

As per the data, the fertility rate of 2.11 per family is required for the survival of a community or culture. Anything less than 2.11 will wipe out the community or culture in a few years. The fertility rate per family of native European people is about 1.5 which is causing a decline in their population. On the other hand, the majority of Muslims with 2-3 wives go for 8-10 kids. Therefore the fertility rate per family of Muslim is very high. If the current trend continues, the Muslim population will be more than 40-50% in many European countries. If you look at the history of any Islamic country, you can understand what will happen if the Muslim population reaches the 40-50% mark.

No one knows about the future. European countries might bring some strict law related to the child per family in the future. So, nothing can be predicted right now. Watch the video to know the details about the demography change in Europe.

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